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Hypnotherapy provides a powerful means to move beyond your current limitations - without having to rely on pharmaceuticals or long-term counselling.

Hypnotherapy - Consultation | Gibbs Hypnotherapy | Melbourne, Australia

Using hypnosis as a tool to access the subconscious, you work together with your hypnotherapist to counteract unwanted thoughts, emotions and behavioural patterns.

This is usually achieved by the input of positive suggestions, the use of strong visualisations based on client-specific motivational factors as well as a variety of other psychotherapeutic techniques.

Hypnotherapy - Under Hypnosis | Gibbs Hypnotherapy | Melbourne, Australia

Most effective treatments usually seek to locate and alleviate the underlying causes of your presenting symptom set. Under hypnosis, this becomes a relaxed, easy, enjoyable and rewarding process.

Clients often find that any course of hypnotherapy brings a deeper understanding of themselves as well as unexpected healing for a number of other issues.


Note:Some hypnotherapeutic work can involve uncovering past events. This sometimes means memories from early developmental years (ie. childhood). It must be understood that any memories, while treated as real, cannot be said to be reliable in a factual sense. Their only importance is the impact they have on your quality of living. At Gibbs Hypnotherapy we work to diminish or completely remove the power of negative memories and to strengthen you with the most positive skillsets to emerge from those experiences. The memories are never erased, only the unwanted emotional associations.