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Discover new levels of performance by overcoming limiting fears and heightening your self-awareness, motivation and focus. Whether you have difficulty beginning a new intellectual or athletic pursuit or you are a seasoned professional looking for that 'edge' advantage, hypnotherapy can help.Athletic & Academic Performance | Snowboarding Pic | Gibbs Hypnotherapy | Melbourne, Australia

Numerous studies have been conducted that illustrate the immense power of the well-focused mind and hypnotherapy has a number of powerful mental tools that can be applied in-session as well as carried away to be utilised in your own time. Even physical abilities can be built through visualised rehearsals of a particular skill under hypnosis - neural pathways in the brain form to enable a physical skill in a person who had never practiced that skill in reality. Such techniques applied to an already well-trained athlete, performer or student can result in a marked increase in performance; in particular, establishment of the feeling of being 'in the zone', making that state more Athletic & Academic Performance | Studying Pic | Gibbs Hypnotherapy | Melbourne, Australiareadily accessible, can be very helpful to athlete and academic alike.

If you have tried to overcome some of your own fears or limiting habits without success, hypnotherapy can be of great assistance. Self-sabotage, fears, stress, or other limitations, all have their roots in the subconscious mind. With access to deeper parts of your mind under hypnosis, in a very short space of time you can be free from something that may have been holding you back for years.



Success Coaching and Hypnosis

Gibbs Hypnotherapy has a new coaching and hypnosis program to help students and athletes achieve their goals.

You can unleash your greatest potential with a combination of insight, strategy, calm-focus training and targeted hypnosis!

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