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Fear is useful when it serves as a signal to protect you from immediate harm. However, if fear is prolonged or is disproportionate to the rational threat that an object or situation poses then it stops being useful and starts to prevent you from living a full and happy life.

A fear or phobia can adversely affect your health, your hobbies, your relationships, your livelihood, and can often lead to feelings of embarrassment, low self-esteem and hopelessness.

Treat Your Phobia with Hypnotherapy | Gibbs Hypnotherapy | Melbourne, AustraliaThere is no doubt that without treatment a fear or phobia can be crippling. High anxiety and hypervigilance are exhausting and limit what you can and can't do or where you can and can't go. But there is good news - hypnotherapy is an efficient and widely successful way to rid yourself of fears and phobias. Effective phobia treatment is available at Gibbs Hypnotherapy in Melbourne.

Fear or Phobia?

A phobia is a fear (or sometimes a feeling of disgust) that is so strong that you feel intense panic as though your life were immediately threatened.

A simple yet insightful question to ask yourself to determine whether your fear is at the level of a phobia, using the example of a fear or phobia of mice:

Fear or Phobia? | Mouse Pic | Gibbs Hypnotherapy | Melbourne, Australia

"There is a room with a mouse in it that also has a suitcase containing $10,000 cash - would I go into that room to collect the suitcase?"

If the answer is "no" then there's a good chance no amount of money would tempt you into that room.

In this instance, your fear might be better described as a phobia. And you may want to consider hypnosis for phobia treatment.

Where do fears & phobias come from?

Origin of Fears and Phobias in Childhood | Clown Pic | Gibbs Hypnotherapy | Melbourne, Australia

The majority of fears and phobias begin in childhood. Often there is an 'initial sensitising event' - an occurrence that is interpreted by a young mind as life-threatening, so that the subconscious locks-in the information that such a "threat" should be avoided always and at all costs. In many instances, this initial event is veiled from memory as a way to protect it from conscious interference.

So while you may find that you suffer from your fear or phobia, the underlying intention of that fear or phobia is actually positive: it is there to protect you from perceived danger.

Fears and Phobias Often Stem from Childhood | Gibbs Hypnotherapy | Melbourne, Australia

This is why hypnotic intervention as treatment for phobias is so effective. At our clinic in Melbourne, we work at a deep level of the mind and can even uncover repressed events. In phobia treatment, fear-associations are broken and remoulded to align with a more rational appraisal of the perceived "threat." This in turn changes your emotional experience so that you feel calm instead of panic; in control rather than helpless; curious or confident instead of afraid.

How can hypnosis help?

At Gibbs Hypnotherapy in Melbourne we seek the root of your fear or phobia and aim to reduce or entirely erase it. This can be done in a number of ways and the method of phobia treatment is largely dependent on the individual client.

The important point to remember is that by utilising hypnosis we are able to help you achieve freedom from your fear or phobia in relaxation and comfort. Clients often worry that phobia treatment might involve a full triggering of their fear or phobia but this is simply not the case. 'Flooding' and other extreme exposure therapies from general psychology are not used. Rather we opt for a more gentle and effective approach to treat your phobia. And contrary to popular belief, you remain quite aware while in hypnosis and indeed play an active role in the removal of your fear or phobia - we move at your pace, getting feedback as to your comfort and confidence at every step of the treatment.

Typically, just three sessions of phobia treatment hypnotherapy are enough to eradicate a life-long phobia.

Phobia Treatment Example:

Hypnosis for Fear of Flying

Let's say you have a fear or phobia of flying. This probably means you get a sick or twisting feeling in the stomach or a tightness in the body just thinking ahead to a flight you have to take. You try to put it out of your mind, but as the date gets closer the feeling of dread grows. By the time you are actually at the airport, awaiting your flight, your legs are twitching, your heart and mind are racing, you are feeling symptoms of panic and you wish you could be anywhere else in the world. If it gets bad enough, you might just abandon the flight altogether. If you can push on through, the whole experience, from take-off to landing, is a horrible ordeal. And then you don't know how you're going to fly back again! It might even ruin your holiday or business trip thinking about it.

At Gibbs Hypnotherapy we have the tools available to help you overcome this fear.

Flying Phobia Treatment | Gibbs Hypnotherapy | Melbourne, Australia

Imagine being able to look forward to flying - the excitement of going somewhere different, the amazing view from the window, the delicious airline food (ok, that last one is a stretch). Imagine being free to fly - having the freedom to explore the world!

For treatment of specific phobias, we suggest three sessions.

In the first phobia treatment session, we take a brief but comprehensive survey of your lived experience to gather the information we need and to see if there are any lifestyle choices that we can offer strategies around to help you manage overall physiological sources of stress or anxiety (poor sleep, diet, etc.). We then train you in emotional management using advanced biofeedback technology so you can carry with you, and continue to build in your own time, the skill of remaining calm in all situations. Then we conduct a short session of suggestion-driven hypnosis to generate a natural feeling of peace, safety and calm confidence around flying and to prime your mind for deeper work.

In the second and third phobia treatment sessions we go deeper. Using an interactive form of hypnotherapy, we journey with you into the mind to resolve the fear or phobia at its root. This delivers profound insight and healing, and results in lasting freedom from your fear. While every person is unique, for the majority of people they will get substantial or full resolution of their issue in the space of these three short sessions of phobia treatment hypnotherapy.

Phobia Treatment in Melbourne

If you have a fear that is interrupting your life and you are ready to let it go, contact Gibbs Hypnotherapy today for effective phobia treatment in Melbourne.

(Don't worry if you think your phobia is weird. We specialise in phobia treatment and approach every case with the respect it deserves. And besides, by now we've just about seen them all!)

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