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Sadness naturally follows loss. Separation from a loved one - be it by death or the break-down of a relationship - is a painful experience. This pain is often intense and may take a number of forms (tears, anger, guilt, emptiness, etc.).

Grieving is important. Allowing yourself to feel and process the pain of separation is essential.Hypnotherapy for Grief | Sadness Pic | Gibbs Hypnotherapy | Melbourne, Australia Moving on doesn't mean forgetting, and there will always be a part of that person (or pet) remaining with you. The journey to acceptance is ultimately rewarding as it culminates in a deeper sense of peace, wisdom and joyful living.

It is possible, though, to become caught in a stage of grieving and experience an extended state of pain. This is where hypnotherapy can help.

When to seek help

The support of family, friends, community and spirituality forms a necessary part of the grieving process. While there are times you will want to be alone, try to stay connected to people that are important to you. We are a social species and there is great value in learning to accept the loving assistance of others. In this regard, it is perfectly normal to seek help from those close to you at any time.

If, however, you find yourself still in difficulty after 18 months to 2 years - especially if you're not functioning at work, not able to form new relationships, and so on - it is likely that you would benefit from some professional assistance to move forward.

At Gibbs Hypnotherapy we work together to ease the lingering sadness and find acceptance of your loss.Hypnotherapy for Grief | Acceptance Pic | Gibbs Hypnotherapy | Melbourne, Australia You are never made to forget - quite to the contrary, most clients find their experience to be one of vivid and respectful remembrance, with a feeling afterwards of having honoured the deceased or absent loved one by letting go of pains and living a good life.

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