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Difficulties with weight can be tricky to solve without professional assistance.

If you have problems with food, you have to face those problems at least three times a day. And the time-scales involved in noticeable weight change mean that it can be hard to stay focused and motivated.

Everyone is aware of yo-yo diets and fad exercise regimes. You may have experienced for yourself their short-lived benefits. Usually, the kilos pile back on again (and then some!) afterwards.

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This is why an effective and lasting solution must be sought. A solution that begins and rests inside you, comfortably allowing you to regain control and steer yourself to a lifetime of natural health and fitness. A solution that brings you comfort and emotional healing where required. A solution that allows you continued enjoyment of food in all its flavours with the power to maintain healthy moderation. A solution that sees you get the help you need, as you need it.

At Gibbs Hypnotherapy, you can overcome the hurt that leads to comfort eating, become more aware of your eating habits and their underlying reasons, and find sustained inspiration to engage an active, healthy lifestyle.

We work together to help you achieve your desired goal of a natural, healthy weight and appearance and to regain the lost self-control.

NOTE: Gibbs Hypnotherapy's approach is suitable for those looking to lose weight or to put it on!

About Our Approach

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We do not offer a special diet or exercise prescription - you already know basically what you should be doing, hypnotherapy helps you make that happen.

There is no set structure as to number or frequency of sessions - you address what you need to address in a time-frame suitable to you, take away the understanding and the tools to carry forward on your own, and check back in any time you encounter a road-block or feel the need for healing or a boost in motivation.

We help you develop a relationship with food, with exercise and with yourself which will allow you to eat and exercise in a healthy and balanced way (even enjoying your food more!) for the rest of your life. The feeling is one of generally increased motivation, self-awareness and well-being. It is an holistic approach.

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If you are interested achieving a healthy body in a natural and lasting way, contact Gibbs Hypnotherapy today.

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