Stop Smoking Hypnotherapy FAQ

  • Health effects of cigarettes

    The health effects of cigarette smoking are widely understood: heart disease; cancer of the lungs, throat and mouth; emphysema; aged skin; yellow teeth and fingers; and so on. Smokers put themselves and those closest to them at high risk of these diseases. Mothers who smoke during pregnancy also put their child at risk of improper brain development, physical deformities and premature birth. Even smokers who try to deny the reality of long-term health effects know that they are really not as fit, healthy and energetic as they would be without the cigarettes.

    The good news is that stopping smoking at any age improves health. After a few days, your sense of taste and smell return - something you may not have been aware had diminished with smoking - and after a few weeks it gets easier to do physical activities without getting so 'out of breath.' After a few years most of the damage done to your body is repaired and the risk of major health collapse reduces dramatically; in fact after ten years off the cigarettes your risk of stroke is statistically equal to that of a lifetime non-smoker.

    It's never good to start and it's never too late to stop smoking!

  • How does hypnosis help me quit?

    At Gibbs Hypnotherapy the approach to smoking cessation is founded on the concept of 'mindfulness'. Under hypnosis you learn to recognise and release all thoughts of the cigarette. You transform the automatic habit into clear and conscious decision-making for your health, happiness and success in life - whatever that means for you. You become empowered to take back what the smoking habit had stolen: the power to have control over your own life!

  • Will it really work for me?

    Regardless of how many cigarettes you smoke and how long you have been smoking, you can become a non-smoker instantly. All it requires is that you really want to stop, and that you are open and ready to approach quitting in a new way.

    There is no need to rely on patches or tablets or sheer willpower. Subconscious changes through hypnosis allow you to relax and enjoy life as a non-smoker immediately.

  • How long will it take?

    When you decide to stop smoking with Gibbs Hypnotherapy, you are booked in for a one-hour session in which you become a non-smoker. You then return within a few days for a half-an-hour follow-up session just to make sure.

    The take-home CDs that you receive contain short hypnosis sessions that you should listened to daily for a further two-weeks - you will already be a non-smoker and the CDs will further reinforce the lasting change.

  • Will I still have to fight cravings?

    The techniques we use under hypnosis address this concern. You will most likely be free from all cravings after you become a non-smoker in the first session.

    Having smoked for some time you will still notice the occasional thought of cigarettes. This is normal. It is like thinking about an old friend who was never a true friend but was a bad influence on you - you are glad that he or she is no longer in your life and you easily let go of those thoughts when they occur.

  • I don't want to stop smoking - can I still try?

    You must want to stop smoking for hypnotherapy to work.

    If the only reason you come for hypnotherapy is because a friend, spouse or other family member wants you to, then there is no point. Through hypnosis you cannot be made to do something you do not want to do.