How long does it take?

Hypnotherapy is a fast and effective method of change and healing. The goal of hypnosis-based therapies is not to keep you in therapy for an indefinite time but to resolve your problem quickly so you can move on with life.

Hypnosis is not a magic wand, however. Do not expect that your problem will be solved in a single session.

It is always recommended that you attend a minimum of two sessions to really experience the benefit of hypnotherapy. Each session usually lasts one hour. For many, one session may be enough to overcome a particular habit or fear, but follow up is important so that your therapist can discuss and reinforce your progress or address any minor difficulties that remain. You are also likely to feel more comfortable and practiced in the process on your second visit and therefore will achieve more under hypnosis.

Gibbs Hypnotherapy has found greatest success for most presenting issues comes via three successive sessions: two within a week of one-another and a third session in another one or two weeks. For this reason, we offer a special discounted package rate for three sessions and recommend this for most clients.

Some problems are more complicated than others, and may require deeper investigation through hypnoanalysis. Even this extended therapy rarely exceeds 10 sessions, making it rapid in comparison with conventional psychotherapeutic approaches (ie other talk therapies).

Common to all approaches is that the overall time it takes to resolve an issue depends largely upon your willingness to apply yourself in session. If you come with an open attitude and a readiness to change, you just may be surprised at how rapidly effective hypnotherapy can be.