Is hypnotherapy for everybody?

Everyone can benefit from hypnotherapy. Even the basic relaxation and focus of hypnosis brings its own health benefits. Of course, the real power is in the application of hypnotherapeutic techniques to make changes toward greater happiness and wellbeing.


Some conditions, though, may require medical attention and possible surgery, or the supervision of a more specialised therapeutic practitioner.


Hypnotherapists are not qualified to make medical diagnoses or to give other medical advice, and for some conditions potential clients may be required to seek assessment and approval from their GP before any therapeutic sessions can commence.

For some mental conditions, such as bipolar disorder or schizophrenia, a medically qualified specialist may be necessary. In these cases, your GP should be your first point of call for information. Your doctor can make an assessment and give permission to attend sessions at Gibbs Hypnotherapy. If you wish, your GP can otherwise refer you to a psychiatrist who might be able to provide the assistance you require in taking a handle on your situation.