What if I don't wake up again?

The word 'hypnosis' comes from the Greek 'hypnos' which means 'sleep,' but this is something of a misnomer. You do not really fall asleep in hypnosis, so there is no need to fear falling asleep forever.

Sometimes it is possible to drift from hypnosis into sleep (though usually what happens is that you rise from the hypnotic state and then fall into sleep, all without opening your eyes so that the transition appears seamless). The most that will happen then is that you will wake as you always do after sleeping.

Someone in a very deep state of hypnosis can often be difficult to rouse, not because they are trapped in that state but simply because it is so relaxing and peaceful that they do not wish to come out. Qualified hypnotists have techniques to bring clients out of even the deepest of hypnotic states. But even if left on their own, the hypnotised person would, in their own time, return to full waking awareness - most likely because of the need to use the bathroom or to eat.