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Gibbs Hypnotherapy delivers an exceptional one-on-one clinical hypnotherapy service. Sessions are by appointment only in Camberwell, Melbourne.

Rates per-session and for treatment packages are listed below. Payment is taken in full at the end of the session or upon completion of the first session in the case of a treatment package.

If you are experiencing financial hardship please discuss it with us and we will try to reach an equitable payment solution so you can receive the help you need.

Sessions are scheduled to run for 60 minutes. However, due to the nature of the work we sometimes go over time - please allow for up to 30 min extra. At the very least this can be a valuable time for quiet self-reflection after your sessions.

Standard Treatment Package

3 Sessions • $350

Single Session Hypnotherapy

1 Session • $140

Stop Smoking Program


  • 2 Stop Smoking Hypnosis Sessions
  • Hypnosis Downloads
  • Lifetime guarantee: follow-up sessions as required - no extra charge

Successful Mind Program

Coaching and hypnosis to achieve your goals!

Visit the program website for details: